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Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking your time to get to know me and my work.

Travelling, hospitality and making hotel guests happy is more than work for me. It's a lifestyle, a life-long dream and a passion. Every single assignment I take very seriously, however, always enjoying my work while doing it. I'm ambitious in the sense that I need to do everything as well as I can, I put my best foot forward to every task that is given to me. I don't settle, or produce anything mediocre. I know I'm good at what I do. Good is not enough for me, I want to evolve, become better, learn more on the way and all that makes me more skilled to help hotels as well. I do admit, I'm a bit of a perfectionist, which isn't necessary a bad thing in my line of work. I need to have eye on details and aim for the perfection, even when I know it doesn't really exist.
However, since guests expect luxury hotels to provide them high quality in all areas and perfect experiences, I feel it is my duty to help hotels to get as close to perfection as possible. Therefore, when I stay at a hotel as guest and hospitality professional, I admit to be that demanding guest that expects only the best. It's the only way I can relate to valued guests and experience what they experience. By observing hotels every single guest touch point, I can report of all the defaults, weakness and stumbling blocks that I see during my stay.

My reports include very honest, constructive feedback and also strict criticism when necessary, as I'm not there to please the hotel, I'm there to find its weaknesses so that it can improve. However, it is never only about negative findings, I always do my best to also provide hotels with suggestions on how to fix what seems to be broken. I also come up with ideas on new sources of income. Whether the hotel then executes my ideas, recommendations and suggestions is up to them. Sometimes it really takes time to make the chances, but they are always worth it.

Money invested for the evaluation process returns back to the hotel very quickly; for example in the form of returning guests, great reviews on Tripadvisor, TA rankings going up, higher utilization rate due to improved reputation, greater income etc. It's such a small investment, especially comparing to what, for example, an unhappy, disappointed, upset guest may cost you by writing a bad, negative (and yet true and honest) review. It's even worse if the incidents that upset the guest could have been prevented by implementing an evaluation and eliminating the stumbling blocks before guests stumbled into them. Be proactive, find and eliminate problems beforehand - with my help it's effortless and lucrative.

Luxury hotels cannot afford to disappoint their guests, as one too many of those may turn the luxury into mediocre. Aim high, lead your hotels to Success and Excellence. Guests are expecting it, and they deserve it, as does your staff. Yes, the evaluation always concerns the staff as well. Especially when the quality improves it impacts staff too; The less complaints there is, the better working environment.

I will be happy to answer any questions or queries that you may have regarding my services. After having discussed the matter in more detail, in case you wish to hire me, I will provide you with an offer including a detailed information regarding the assignment.

If you have a discount code or your hotel is part of the hotel chain that has already been a client of mine, please let me know as there may be a special rate for you. Also members of certain groups or associations may have special rates, for example, ILHA members are entitled to special discount.

However, please be assured that every client, big or small deserves my dedication and I promise to do my best. Evaluation hotels is in my blood, and I'd be honored to help you out with your hotel, so, please, do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my services.

Happy guest is the best guest, so let's make more of them!

The world of hotels is an amazing place and we can make it even better.

Looking forward to cooperating with you.

With Best Regards,


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