and may be down and disorganized at times.
Thank you for your patience.
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Welcome to Touchse's website, hope you find it informative.
Please know that all photos here are taken by me from places I've visited,
so if you want to use them to your purposes, feel free to

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on guests’ interest and hotel choices, and consequently to hotels' revenue.

and helps the hotel TURN them to POSITIVE RESULTS.

Don't expect me to tell you how good your hotel is, I tell THAT TO EVERYBODY!
Expect me to TELL YOU what how to make it better, how to bring your hotel SUCCESS AND EXCELLENCE!

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TOUCHSE & ME, it's founder, Mia

Touchse was founded 4 years ago as a result of profound feedback conversation with a general manager. His words to me about my constructive, all-inclusive feedback made me realize that it was exactly what I was meant to do and why I had studied my BHA, foreign trade, advertising, IPR law and had those years and years of experience in the industry.

So far, this journey has take me to approximately 35 countries
and I have visited approximately 250 hotels around the world.
I travel. A lot. And plan to do so for the rest of my life.
High quality in customer service, product, and premises itself have always been very important to me.
As long as I can remember, I have had strong calling to that field.

I am extremely detail oriented, and ever since young girl I have had excellent problem-solving skills. I can handle multiple simultaneous tasks at hand, and I do admit to be quite demanding in terms of quality and level of professionalism. Excellent characteristics for someone who evaluates hotels for their potential problems, reports the results and then provides also solutions thereto, right?

At the age of 7 I decided I want to work in hotel environment and now I do.
Around that same age I said I want to travel around the world and now I do.
That eternal wanderlust I have is probably incurable as is my high work ethics.
I no longer dream of living, I now live my dream.

I believe that is enough to describe me as a person who is very driven and gets things done. I don't give up, it is not my nature.
I know I am good at what I do and not afraid to say it.

About 1,5 years ago I started to post content to social media. It turned into a blog. Hard work paid off and now I also provide hotels with social media exposure and via my circle of connections my posts can gain hundreds of thousands, even millions of impressions.

You may find references/recommendations in terms of my work
as social media representative and hospitality expert here:



I have two mottos. The first one is about my life in general:

❊ Life is for living, not just existing. You decide whether you LIVE or just exist. ❊

..and I feel I truly live, I cherish this life that was given to me by living it to the fullest.
This is not work for me, this is my lifestyle.

The second one is a motto and a message that relates to my work:

❊ If you know something is good, tell it to everyone.
When you know something needs to be fixed,
tell it only to one that can fix it. ❊ my work this means I give hotels directly my constructive feedback,
everybody wins, because then they know what to fix and guests are happier.


Because of all of the above I hold several titles nowadays:
Founder of Touchse
Luxury, Hospitality and Hotels' Quality Evaluation Expert
Brand Promoter and Social Media Influencer
Hotel Investigator (for example due diligence for travel agencies)
Oleile representative

I do a whole lot more than just what these titles include.
The SERVICES section will be updated in the near future, wherein it will be explained in more detail.

Basically, I'm always open to suggestions of new collaboration and challenges.
So, if you have an idea of something we could work on together, please, contact me, you'll never know!

My passion is to help hotels to get extensive amount of POSITIVE PUBLICITY via SOCIAL MEDIA
and provide them direct, professional FEEDBACK, which helps them to increase the quality,
which then has a positive revenue effect.

I make hotels more successful by helping them to become more known
and improving their quality which equals with higher revenue!
Which hotel does not need that?
Everyone does!

Would you like to get your hotel intorduced on my blog? Contact me and let's make it happen!

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