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References and comments of my work in Marketing and Social Media

"I’m very fortunate to have had a recent media visit to Rovaniemi coordinated by Mia Niemela. Mia has a truly special ability for both itinerary planning and outreach in the tourism sector. As a media professional who travels over 150,000 miles a year, I know how much energy and insight it takes to coordinate a visit that highlights the best of a region in a short span of time. Mia did that brilliantly for me and my team! Beyond organizational aptitude, Mia demonstrates a wealth of local knowledge, and a tremendous enthusiasm for sharing Finland. I’m grateful to have connected with Mia via social media in 2018 and learned of Rovaniemi through her enthusiastic promotion of Lapland. Were it not for Mia, in fact, I may not have ever made the trip to Rovaniemi for my work—and I am deeply grateful that I did."
Rachel Rudwall, Explorer, Host, Producer, Photographer, Writer, TV and digital

"Mia organized our first trip to Finland. She understood our content goals and did a great job of connecting us with the right types of experiences that would could share with our respective audiences. We could tell Mia is well connected in the Rovaniemi and greater Lapland community and has great knowledge about Lapland Finland. I think she would be a great asset to a team looking to gain exposure in media as she understands how to utilize social media to connect with influencers around the world and share her local destination with them in an authentic way."
Kristen Kellogg: Founder at Border Free Travels

"Mia co-operated as a social media coordinator with our company Santa Claus Holiday Village. During her 3-month-project she helped us to increase our followers on Facebook with over 1000 followers, on Instagram few hundred followers and she created us a Twitter account and got us over 600 followers in such a short period of time. Mia handled all social media accounts independent; she took photos, edited them, produced text as well as responded to guests' comments. Mia also handled our guests’ feedback on Facebook and responded to our guests’ direct messages in several languages. Part of Mia’s tasks was also to assist in room reservations and in safari bookings. Mia also introduced 3 travel bloggers to Santa Claus Holiday Village. Mia was a host for them and she arranged everything, such as the program and activities. We got a lot of positive publicity during the 3 months and we are extremely pleased with her input. We would be happy to cooperate with her in the future in similar tasks. Mia is very energetic, innovative, positive and has excellent social media skills. I would not hesitate to recommend her for similar tasks and I believe she would be an asset to any business. "
Inga Jääskö-Pokka, Managing Director, Santa Claus Holiday Village"

"We were so lucky, all of us here at ASTORIA BORACAY, to have had the pleasure of welcoming Ms Mia Niemelä in our midst for a few precious days! We were rewarded by a well written, pertinent and colorful blog which pleased us beyond our expectations. Thank you Mia! May your future travel plans bring you again to these parts of the world."
Yves Remondeulaz, Astoria Boracay Resort Manager"

“Mia is an enthusiastic digital marketing personnel specializing in luxury hotels. Her social media posts featuring images taken by her and her blog written for The Danna Langkawi are greatly appreciated as we actually saw conversion through her blog post. She also optimized the exposure of these publicities through all social media channels and her personal networks, she is indeed a valuable partner any luxury hotel could have."
Samantha Lai, Marketing Communications Manager, The Danna Langkawi

“Mia came to my resort and using her significant expertise gave some amazing advice which helped us take our resort to the next level with ease. Very constructive and positive help."
Martin Fells,Feneral Manager, Rocky's Boutique Resort

“Mia Niemelä by Touchse (Touchse of Success & Excellence) has been our guest many times over the years and she has actively promoted Nikki Beach Koh Samui on social media; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and her posts have been shared to hundreds of thousands of social media users and for that publicity we are very grateful. She has also written a 3-part blog post series about her experiences at Nikki Beach Koh Samui. On her blog posts, she has also promoted our services and events. We have been very happy with her cooperation and are more than happy to continue to work with her in the future."
Bruce Hanharan,General Director, Nikki Beach Thailand”

“I had the pleasure to have Mia here at Byblos as our guest this summer. Based on her visit she wrote a very detailed, wonderful blog post of our Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà. What I also liked about the blog post was that it was very personal and full of pictures she took during her stay. She has also provided us with lots of publicity on social media during her stay and later (still now, fyi) for which we are very grateful. Word of mouth and personal experiences are the best kind of advertisement. I can and I want to warmly recommend Mia’s services.
Luigi Leardini, General Manager, Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà.”

References for my work as hospitality expert from clients, colleagues...

"Ms Mia Niemela from Touchse (Touch of Success and Excellence) stayed at Nikki Beach Resort and Beach Club Koh Samui for a week in April 2016 during which she executed her Full Hotels'Quality Evaluation Process. The most important part of the evaluation is the Quality Evaluation Report.

We found Mia's report to be very well structured and detailed. Mia's report will be acting as a guideline for the strategic process for improving our Resort's quality in all areas. This will not only improve the quality of our luxury service and the working environment of our staff, but the report and its contents also gives us a unique competitive advantage.

The report is very unique as it has been produced solely based on Mia's very detailed oriented personality as an extremely experienced guest worldwide as well as her long-term professional expertise in the hospitality industry. These two aspects provide Mia with the possibility to always approach the situation from two different perspectives, namely as a guest and as a professional. These two aspects combined along with her passion for the hospitality industry create very informative evaluation report. Mia's evaluation is, therefore, both subjective and objective at the same time and gives us very important critical guest feedback, which we would rather have directly from the guest than read from our online reviews.

In her report Mia not only provides detailed feedback, she also introduces a variety of ideas and suggestions on how to enhance our service, profits and sales, which we find very valuable. The investment put into the evaluation process is very small in comparison to what her report has to offer and due to this process our guest satisfaction will increase along with profits and the revenue.

We will certainly use her services again in the future and will be happy to recommend her to any hotels or resorts that would like to receive an all-inclusive assessment on the hotels'quality, services, staff performance, guest touch points as well as the quality and functionality of the premises."

Bruce Hanrahan, Director of Nikki Beach Thailand

"Mia did provide us with a very detailed report on what we should improve or change to our daily operation in order to exceed our guest expectation and satisfaction. This report is very well organized department by department, followed by an action plan which gives some very useful tips on how to make our guests experience even better. We are very thankful to Mia for her dedication and for her constructive report which is a wonderful tool for us to progress as a Resort and Company to reach a common objective of creating lifetime moments to our customers"

Xavier Masson, General Manager of Aleenta Phuket

"Mia genuinely enjoys doing what she does and really goes above and beyond when completing her evaluations. She has a great attention to detail and knows how to improve the revenue of the business. She has a great work ethic and I wish her all the best in the future."
Gregg Staggolis, Aleenta Phuket

"I had the pleasure to meet Mia during her visit at Napasai. Mia is extremely guest service focused, detail oriented and pleasant to be with. When it comes to work with her, I would highlight her high levels of energy and positive attitude towards improvements. I would love to work with her again."
Iolanda MartÍnez Vilaseca, Resort Manager at Napasai by Orient Express, The Leading Hotels of the World.

"I have had the pleasure to meet and get to know Mia, and can recommend her services based on my personal experience. Mia is a very thorough and persistent in whatever she feels passionate about. When it comes to the quality of travelling and hotel stays, Mia is one of the very best connoisseurs of the field. Mia not only has plenty of experience of different hotels, standards and qualifications, but also outstanding views and ideas on improving the conditions. It is not an overstatement to say that Mia has a sixth sense of things to do with hospitality."
Heidi Jouttijärvi, Director at Serus Media Oy

"Mia is a professional quality team player who has skill to find both good and challenging part of the service she is evaluating. She is also a very inspirational and fun to work with."
Tuija Lepo, Business Manager at Elisa

"Mia really want's to DO what she has promised. I'm sure you will get big benefits about Mia's evaluations to your hotel.
Tero M-A, GM"